Skin Tightening

EndyMed 3 Deep Technology:$300 per area

Endymed Pro 3 Deep Facial Skin Tightening:

This treatment uses radiofrequency technology to create the ideal combination of energy to target the deep dermal layers that are responsible for collagen stimulation which helps improve loose, saggy skin around the neck, cheeks, chin, and under eye area. For best results a minimum of 4 treatments every 2 weeks is required. Consultation is required to discuss what treatment plan would be most beneficial for you.

Endymed Pro 3 Deep Body Tightening/Body Contouring:

Radiofrequency is also used to treat cellulite, provide a contouring effect to the body, and help loose saggy skin that can result from rapid weight loss or aging. Areas of focus for this treatment are arms, legs, abdomen and buttocks. Consultation is required to determine that treatment plan that would address your individual goals and body type.