April 18,2015

Fran Drescher Whole Body Vibration Machine on The Doctors

Fran Drescher was a special guest on this episode of “The Doctors”. Watch her vibrate!

FBE Holistiic Health & Fitness Spa was featured on a very special episode of daytime television’s new hit The Doctors. On the show FBE demonstrates how their popular Whole Body Vibration Machines burn calories, strengthen bone, build muscle, improve posture, etc. etc.

Other Benefits:

  • Stimulates Production of Helpful Hormones
  • Improves Immune Function
  • Raises Metabolism
  • Vibration Plate Training Strengthens Joints and Relieves Pain
  • Helps Oxygen Circulation

Studies have shown that the vibration platform immediately provides an increase in oxygen that flows through your body’s blood; thus increasing blood circulation in the body. Studies have shown that as soon as a person begins using the vibration platform, circulation is increased in the body.

The increased blood flow is encouraged and increased by the contraction of the muscles through a routine on the vibration platform. As blood flow and oxygen increases the blood is better able to deliver nutrients to the cells within your body for optimal health.