May 01,2015

How Young Is Too Young for Botox

Appearance has always been a major concern for people. Since ancient times we have been trying to perfect our looks, which has led to a lot of advancements when it comes to cosmetics and beauty. One of the most popular methods for making yourself look better is Botox. It is a mixture of several chemicals, one of which bacteria poison, that prevent your nerve cells from communicating with the muscles, thus paralyzing them and stopping them from making wrinkles. It can also be used as a painkiller, because as the nerves are frozen the muscles are practically numb and you donít feel anything. This, of course, is mostly used by more elderly people who want themselves to have smoother faces. Nevertheless, it is not uncommon for the youth to look up to the adults. Teenage girls start to modify their bodies with breast implants, nose corrections, and cheek heightening and so on.

Botox Before & AfterAs all of these make sense, to some extent at least, for changing how your face looks, it is very different when it comes to Botox. As it is used in cosmetics only for wrinkles, it is important to ask yourself ñ are you too young for such a treatment?

Statistically more than five million people in the USA use Botox. As it is about wrinkle smoothening you would think that not a significant percentage is below a certain age, but the truth is that more than one third are actually below thirty.

The reason for that can be partially explained with a quality people prescribe to Botox. It is believed that it is more effective for the wrinkles that are just forming, which means that if you start doing it early you will have less wrinkles when you are older. Many women at the age of 25-26 take it not because they think they have problems with how they look, but because they consider it an investment for looking good when they become older.

Be that as it may, there is also a large majority that thinks they are having a wrinkle problem. Somewhere around the late twenties the first wrinkles start to appear which can be a very traumatizing experience for some, especially if they are in a business where looks are predominating. However, this depends a lot on your own perception. It is true that some people age faster than other. And there are the ones that seem to never age.

Botox Before & After

If you are in a company of people, who age faster than you it can become more like a trend and you can start injecting even if you donít need to do it. On the other side are the ones who start finding their first wrinkles at the age of 25. With them it is more of a panic attack, because such things usually come with a sudden realization.

The bottom line is that there is not a certain age that makes you too young for Botox. You can start having wrinkles very early or very late and it is all up to your perception of how you look to make the decision. However, due to medical precautions, it is not recommended to take it before you are at least twenty two.