November 14,2016

Vampire Facelift vs Vampire Facial: Do you know the difference?


Upon seeing  this post yesterday, I thought it may be helpful to explain what the press confuses with regards to what we do with blood.

If you notice here (click), Kim Kardashian is shown with blood on her face and it’s labeled as a “Vampire Facelift®.”
The caption is wrong….but close.

The Vampire Facelift® procedure involves using an hyaluronic acid filler (like Juvederm) to sculpt the face to a younger more natural state, followed by fine tuning the sculpture and improving color and texture with PRP.
You can see details about the V. FaceLIFT here (click)<—

The Vampire Facial® procedure involves using microneedling to create a tighter complexion followed by infusing blood-derived growth factors into the tiny holes. This creates and AMAZING improvement in color & texture but does not do much for shape.
You can see more about the V. FACIAL here (click)<–

So, even though the article on “theRichest” website says that Kim Kardashian had a Vampire Facelift, what she really had was a Vampire Facial.

Which one would be best for you?
Maybe neither one! But here’s how to know…

If you’ve lost volume (sagging), then you’d do best with the Vampire Facelift procedure.
If your shape is optimal–either from youth or because we’ve already corrected shape with fillers, then the Vampire Facial would be best.

Kim Kardashian was young and pregnant with lots of estrogen and no volume loss when she had the procedure done, so she appropriately received the Vampire Facial.

Call our office and we will be eager to talk with you about these procedures and others based on what’s best for your face.

Very best regards

Edan Finlayson, Master Aesthetics Director