December 07,2016

Skin Rejuvenation with LED Light

There is no better way to treat your skin than to receive a pampering and luxurious facial treatment, and with so many advances in modern-day skin care there are various modalities that can be used to address skin concerns in a non invasive manner. One of my favorite modalities to include into facials is the LED Light.

This 15 minute treatment incorporates “Light Emitting Diodes” or LED to produce narrow bands of pure light energy. The different wavelengths in LED light address different skin issues. There are various light colors that have specific functions:

Blue LED Light wavelengths have an antibacterial effect and works to kill the p.acnes bacteria. This is very helpful for those that struggle with problematic, breakout prone skin.

Green LED Light wavelengths work to repair damaged capillaries and can increase blood flow, improving skin tone.

Amber LED Light wavelengths stimulate the lymphatic system and assist with healing capillaries and fighting rosacea. Also very effective in collagen stimulation., in some cases it has shown to increase collagen production by up to 400%!

Red LED Light wavelengths assist in the reduction of inflammation and are absorbed deeply into the skin.

Infrared LED Light wavelengths are absorbed the deepest and reduces ain and increases the ability of the body to heal wounds.

These multicolored wavelengths are used to treat conditions such as Acne, Anti-Aging, Hyperpigmentation, Scar Therapy, Rosacea, Cellulite, Eczema and even assists in stimulating the hair follicles to stimulate hair growth. Before receiving your LED Facial Treatment a consultation is administered to determine what your unique skin care goals are and to properly access your skin, once the consultation is complete a treatment plan will be customized to address you and your unique skin care concerns. Typically LED Light treatments are combined with other popular facial treatments such as microdermabrasion, radio-frequency skin tightening, enzyme peels, as well as mild chemical peels. There is no downtime and you can return to normal activities follow your LED Light Therapy treatment, for best results a series of treatments are recommended and provides the best results when combined with an appropriate at home skin care regimen.