January 20,2015

Did You Read The 50 Shades of Grey Books?

Did you read the “50 Shades of Grey” books?

1. The majority of the 50 Shades books were bought by women. And now, a movie that caters to the erotic preference of WOMEN (not men) is the huge cinema release of the year (coming out this Valentines Day).

Think about that for a minute. An erotic movie designed for women to enjoy more than men.

And now consider this…

2. The FDA recently hosted an open forum to discuss the fact that there are over 20 medicines to help men with sexual dysfunction and not one medicine approved by the FDA to help women with sexual dysfunction. Researchers have spent 1.5 Billion dollars just trying to get one drug approved (so far without success).

In short, a woman’s sexual response has become the focus of both science (FDA meeting) and entertainment (50 Shades)!

Sex is important to physical and psychological health and to family stability–all proven by research. Emerson called beauty (sex) the “scaffolding of love.”

Many women suffer in silence because they are embarrassed to ask for help.

The O-Shot® is the only alternative to off-label medicines and therapy mentioned by 20/20, Cosmo, Tatler, & Harper’s BAZAAR. If you know a woman whom you think might benefit from improved sexual function, I hope you’ll let them know about the O-Shot® procedure and how to reach us for treatment.

The O-Shot® works over 85% of the time for both sexual problems and for urinary incontinence in certain (depending on the woman’s specific problem and the other health problems she may have).

First send the woman to this website for videos and research describing how the procedure works (click). [put our webpage or video about the O-Shot or a link to O-Shot.info]. (ask childs for help doing this so our patients just click and it will take them directly to the O-shot info.

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Stay Young and Healthy,

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