Now Available at EDANS MED SPA!!!

Takes about 15 minutes. Uses the same principles as the Vampire Facelift® procedure. In the following photo, the red arrow marks the “after” and the other side has not been treated…

Another fantastic Vampire procedure, created by Dr. Charles Runnels is now being offered at Edans Med Spa, The Vampire Wing Lift ™ like every vampire procedure offers rejuvenation this time in the labia majora (the wings) using blood derived growth factors and Hyaluronic acid fillers (like Juvederma®)

In the following video Dr. Runnels explains the technique and talks about the use elephant in the room with a little help from Rod Stewart. The Vampire Wing Lift addresses the issue of labia atrophy, by providing instant plumping and smoothness of the labia Majora

The steps are simple!

  • Draw a small amount of blood to acquire the plasma serum (PRP)
  • Inject the plasma into the labia
  • Inject a hyaluronic gel

The filler provides immediate plumping action, the PRP continues creating growth factors for up to three months, the procedure can be repeated once a year.