Smiling woman receiving a PRP facial.

PRP Facial 

Similar to the PRP Facelift, the PRP Facial requires one to two ounces of blood that will then be centrifuged to extract your beautiful plasma. Your own plasma applied topically to your skin will enhance your skin tone and texture, produce collagen and elastin in the skin, and improve your skin’s ability to retain moisture. 

“What’s the difference between a PRP Facelift and a PRP Facial?”

 A PRP Facial is a combination of micro needling and your own plasma applied topically to the skin during the micro needling treatment. A PRP Facelift is your own plasma injected into various points on the face to promote healing and rejuvenation from the inside out. The results of a PRP Facial will last anywhere from 10-14 days. The results of a PRP Facelift, because of the focused injection points, will last about two years. A PRP Facial is referred to as the “Red Carpet Treatment” because it is a great treatment to undergo before a big event. With a PRP Facial, you will look stunning no matter the occasion. 

“What should I do to prepare for my PRP Facial?” 

The best preparation for a PRP Facial is to drink a great amount of water prior to the appointment. Anywhere from 70oz to 100oz of water 24 hours prior to your appointment will be an efficient amount to hydrate. Being completely hydrated will ensure that the process of drawing your blood is easy and fluid. Also the hydration will benefit your plasma; giving you even more beautiful results. Remember, with nay PRP Treatment, we can only work with what you give us. 

PRP Facial


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