Vampire Wing Lift®

Now Available at EDANS MED SPA!!!

Takes about 15 minutes. Uses the same principles as the Vampire Facelift® procedure.

Another fantastic Vampire procedure, created by Dr. Charles Runnels is now being offered at Edans Med Spa, The Vampire Wing Lift® like every vampire procedure offers rejuvenation this time in the labia majora (the wings) using blood-derived growth factors and Hyaluronic acid fillers (like Juvederma®).

In the following video, Dr. Runnels explains the technique and talks about the elephant in the room with a little help from Rod Stewart. The Vampire Wing Lift addresses the issue of labia atrophy, by providing instant plumping and smoothness of the Labia Majora.

The steps are simple!

  • Draw a small amount of blood to acquire the plasma serum (PRP)
  • Inject the plasma into the labia
  • Inject a hyaluronic gel

The filler provides immediate plumping action, the PRP continues creating growth factors for up to three months, the procedure can be repeated once a year.

Vampire Wing Lift®


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